About Anchor House

Anchor House is a Christian ministry located in Polk County, Florida committed to reaching boys in crisis. Perhaps you know a boy in Polk County who might benefit from being away from his parents for a season or longer. Often things happen as a result of parents being unable to take care of their son, independent of anything the boy has done. Maybe you know of a boy whose parents have died, or have had their rights terminated. Some parents are incarcerated and these boys have no place to go. Unfortunately, in Polk County, most often these boys must leave the area to receive the care they need.

Anchor House Ministries, a Christian facility, has been in Auburndale since 1974. It is dedicated to furnish a place for boy’s ages eleven through eighteen that are referred either by the state, or private counselors. Through developing life plans that include goal setting and educational assessment, individual counseling, life skills training, and practical experience, we endeavor to enable young men to manage their own behavior, make sound life choices, and make positive decisions in preparation for reunion with their family, or independence and self-sufficiency. We are licensed by the State of Florida for forty plus boys. Anchor House offers a secure place, on our ten-acre campus, for boys to live in peace while they are nurtured in a Christian atmosphere. The boys also have an opportunity to grow self-sufficiently, leading into adulthood and becoming a positive influence in society. ‘Boys becoming men,’ is the tradition of Anchor House. Our graduates now serve our armed services, local government, business and industry, and many other vocations.